1. What are the HND-BSC Conversion programmes available
Programmes currently available are:
a. HND-BSc. Accounting
b. HND-BSc. Business Administration
c. HND-BSc. Computer Science
d. HND-B.Sc. Chemistry
e. HND-B.Sc. Mass Communications
2. What is the duration of the HND-BSc. Conversion Programme?
The duration of each programme is two academic sessions (four semesters)
3. When do lectures hold?
Generally, lectures are held on campus on the following days:
a. Thursdays: 4.00pm – 6.00pm
b. Fridays: 2.00pm – 6.00pm
c. Saturdays: 9.00am – 6.00pm
4. What is the cost of tuition per academic session?
Average cost of tuition is 180,000 naira.
5. What is the cost of the application form?
Application form cost 5,000 naira only.
6. Does the University allow for a flexible tuition plan for payment?
Candidates are at liberty to choose the most suitable plan for payment from the options below:
a. Monthly payment plan
b. Semester payment plan
c. Academic session payment plan
7. Are students required to write a project for graduation?
Yes, students are required to do so as part of graduation requirements
8. Are the programmes accredited by the National Universities Commission?
All the degree programmes on offer (BSc. Computer Science, BSc. Accounting, BSc. Business Administration, BSc Mass Communication) are duly and fully accredited by the National Universities Commission, Abuja.
9. What are the basic entry requirements for the programme?
The following are the basic entry requirements:
a. 5 credit passes in relevant Ordinary level subject combinations or relevant A level subject combinations
b. OND and HND certificates
c. Transcript of Academic Records for OND and HND
d. NYSC discharge certificate/exemption/exclusion letter
10. What are the entry HND requirements for admission into the programmes?

The following cognate areas are acceptable for the following:
S/n HND-BSc. Conversion Programme Admissible Cognate Areas
1 B.Sc Computer Science HND Computer Engineering;
HND Computer Engineering Technology
2 B.Sc Accounting HND Accounting/Accountancy
3 B.SC Business Administration HND Banking and Finance
HND Business Administration and Management
4 B.Sc Mass Communication HND Mass Communication

11. Is possession of professional qualification or membership of professional bodies an advantage for admission into the HND-BSc. Conversion programme?
Yes! Possession of additional professional qualifications such as ICAN, CIPM, CIM, CPIN, CTIN, CIBN, CIA, and NIPR are advantageous for admission into the programme.
12. Is it possible to consider candidates from other related disciplines not listed on the table above?
This is possible only on a case-by-case basis provided the official HND transcript of applicant has been evaluated and endorsed for admission by the relevant Department in the University.
13. Will the certificate to be issued at the end of the programme bear “HND-BSc. degree Conversion?”
No! The certificate to be issued will be same as the regular programme

For further inquiries, please write to or call +234 -905- 558-8866; +234 -905-558-8867; +234 -703-598-7413.